A Poison Ring 


Set in mixed metals as this would of been made by hand and by the looks of it possibly from two different pieces which have been melted down to manufacture this piece.


The head and hidden compartment are in 17ct gold, and the shank is in 8ct gold.


A rare, yet charming piece of history this ring is! The bottom of ring opens up to reveal a secret compartment, and to be candid, these locket rings did not always carry poison as the name suggests, sometimes they held tiny portraits, notes or mementoes of loved ones. Nonetheless, it's hard not to be intrigued by the history of these small 'poison' memorial locket rings.


This particular ring bears the hand engraved floral design which were very popular in its day.


The minuscule hinged compartment works well and the hollow construction endures well given its age , and clips in well when pressed.


The shank is ribbed, then splits in two and has engraving down the arms.



The piece wil larrive in a new presentation box

Antique Gold Poison Ring

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